Friday, August 17, 2012

and it's all i can do to keep from falling in love with you...

i'm approaching my two weeks in chicago mark.

i feel like things are finally coming together. i have a bed, and it is assembled. seriously though, the few hours i spent hopelessly attempting to assemble the frame by myself would be comical to the outside observer. i felt like i was trapped in an episode of a sit-com. imagine if you will me, an allen wrench, and all matters of props trying to make it possible to screw in the head and foot board to the sides of the bed. hopefully by the end of this weekend i will be entirely set up and all of my items will be in one apartment. currently my life is scattered in three different locations. i'm not complaining really, i just don't know where anything is...ever. which, is an odd experience for me. 

i also have some leads on jobs. i have been hired by and am in the process of setting up my website through them. there's no guarantee of students but i'm hopeful that people will find me and use me. my interview on wednesday was pretty great. in fact, the talked to me about the possibility of blogging about vocal pedagogy for them. it's as if i've died and gone to nerd heaven. i also might have a part time job lining up as well which i don't know how much i can talk about until the pieces come together. 

i have been listening to dolly parton non-stop. it is all i can do to keep from falling in love with you dolly...big hair, big sequence, big personality. done. 

staying at a house with netflix hooked up to a television is a dangerous thing. all documentaries, all the time. real people tend to fascinate me far more than made up people...except in literature. i have been remiss in my reading as of late. i can feel myself getting less intelligent. things that will absolutely be remedied. 

this morning i made myself paleo scones and a strawberry peach compote...the perfect compliment to my coffee. a grand meal leads to a good start to your morning. huzzah!

mortified by my earlier bad grammar in the title...problem resolved.