Wednesday, March 11, 2009

random musings.

hey street scene picture.

you know what i love...
i love when i'm in a meeting and people in
the meeting just loving hearing themselves speak.
inevitably the meeting goes round and round...
it's also particularly awesome when one of the
people is spitting out sunflower seeds simultaneously.
i thought she was going to eat her flipper off.

i have taken to writing twelve tone rows during meetings
complete with inversions and matrices...that's how i roll.

did you know tonsil's can grow back...
my right tonsil has grown back.
it loves me. the only problem is it's infected.
meine kleine tonsilchen ist krank. woof.

i'm ready for the weekend,
but alas, it's merely wednesday.


  1. that is so weird that tonsils can grow back. who knew?

  2. apparently there's an episode of seinfeld where george's tonsils grew back.

  3. Tonsils can seriously grow back? That's nuts!