Monday, April 27, 2009

i love weekends

...especially when they involve haircuts.

squirrel underpants.

also, i'd like you to know that the church i sing at was officially possessed this weekend...intrigued, you should be.


  1. possessed church, eh? i'm intrigued...

    i love haircuts too (especially when they turn out super cute like yours! i'm getting mine cut soon and i'm hoping for success. so far no luck with finding a good hairdresser in NH..)

  2. you should find a fun hairdresser in one of your travels or in boston or something. hehe.

    possessed church.
    the woman who sits next to me is schizophrenic and then the lights kept going on and off in the choir chancel and the dean kept reading passages about ghosts which was the scheduled readings of the liturgical calender but was CRAY CRAY.