Friday, September 7, 2012

so let the wind blow hard and wear the falling stars.

last night i got a whopping thirty  minutes of sleep...thanks to my sleep tracker i know just how little sleep i actually got.

as i sat staring at the ceiling this morning i decided that i should get up and go to the gym before work as opposed to afterward. i figured regardless of when i was going today it was going to be one of those workouts where you just slog it out...which was totally the case.

i had a moment where i was getting frustrated in the midst of the workout and gave myself an internal verbal smackdown. yes, this workout was most certainly not me in peak performance mode...but, i got up and got my ass there and did it. it wasn't pretty, but i did it.

then, as i was on the rowing machine i realized it was the first time since starting crossfit in december that i didn't have to move my knees out into a plie-esque position to accomodate for my stomach. it's funny that even in the midst of frustration the little things can bring you such joy if you just stop and realize that everything is a process.

i have been hesitant to weigh myself in this journey because i don't want to obsess over numbers. this change was started because i wanted to take better care of myself and try and become the best version of me that i can be..that being said, i DID weigh myself this weekend. i am officially 72 pounds down and i think that my goal of 100 at the year mark is totally attainable...but, if it doesn't happen, i'll still get up and go to the gym...because really, that's the victory.

in other news...

i went to st. louis and it was wonderful. seeing friends and having farm to table feasts...pretty much perfection.

it's raining, i'm listening to trampled by turtles, and drinking pumpkin flavored d&d's almost autumn, y'all.

i start my teaching job at north central as of sunday and couldn't be more elated.

i love chicago. i feel so much more myself here.

i think should pay me to make funny awesome things...i made one yesterday that's pretty great but i'm waiting for the person i made it for to receive it in the mail before posting it publicly.

i am really hoping this one night of insomnia is an isolated case and not something that will become habit. (i found myself in the car saying, 'don't sell this farm ray, you gotta keep the farm' know, my brain thinks in field of dreams quotes when exhausted)

the highlights of the dnc for me: the last five minutes of obama's speech, biden being tough but gracious, michelle obama reminding people that she is in face a lawyer, elizabeth warren giving us all an economics lesson, bill clinton basically being politifact, and the castro smile...dang those boys are cute.

bruce covey poetry is beautiful.

i'm being terrible at finishing the book i'm reading. which is weird because i love it...i think i just don't want it to end.

i need to find a tap class.

alright, time to shower and get to the office.


  1. Yo, you should check out,

  2. my dear,

    1. so glad you are being fall as f*ck with your beverage and music choices.

    2. "i feel so much more myself here." beautiful. i am SO happy for you.

    3. 72 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. as you know, i've had insomnia for a few months now, and it suuuuucks but i have full faith that you will go back to normal in no time. big changes mess up the body. good for you for working out instead of lying in bed!

    5. excited to hear about your job!

    6. i love you so much


    1. 1.i knew you'd appreciate my autumnal as sh*t heart.

      2.thanks, lady.

      3.crazy, right?'s terrible. i had it in denver but had always been fine in chicago. i just attributed it to altitude when really i think it's just mahhh life.

      5. thank you!

      6. i love you bunches. :)