Friday, January 4, 2013

haikus, raps, and cumberbatch

a haiku ode to modern medicine:

lungs staying in my body
thanks, mister fleming

so, i have spent the last five days in bed unable to breathe. in my stubbornness, i kept thinking, you have a cold, suck it up and stop your whining. yesterday when i attempted to do dishes i started sweating and got winded...and that was the moment when i realized i probably needed to go to a doctor. twelve hours on antibiotics/super strong cough medicine and i already feel like a new person. what did people do before modern medicine...that's right, die. ps-yes, i did watch three star trek documentaries...don't worry about it. 

i have been on winter break from north central since november, 19th. i am SO EXCITED to get back to teaching. i also am excited about the way my schedule worked out this term. huzzah, awesome job.

one of the things i love most about being a musician is that there's a never ending deluge of music to be learned.  i'm only being about forty percent sarcastic about this comment. 

as soon as i'm a little bit better i'm starting this sugar detox:

this mainly serves as a warning seeing as i'm sure i'll be cranky mccrabbypants the first few days of it. 

but, i enjoyed the holidays a little too much. now, it's time to get back to work. in the immortal words of kassi bleifuss, 'mom's home'. 

also, in my sick haze i've been wondering why benedict cumberbatch and colin morgan haven't played brothers in something:

sherlock perhaps was my greatest discovery of winter break. i've been cumberbatching all over.
colin morgan was merlin in the bbc merlin...which is totally worth the watch if you love costume period sci fi shows...which, who doesn't, right?

also, this is a thing:

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