Monday, July 18, 2011

sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare

i have been on the tail end of a summer illness. i hate that moment when you are starting to feel better but you still get tired quickly and for me, my voice still doesn't cooperate the way it normally does.

last night, i took some nyquil before going to bed. the nyquil mixed with the summer heat led for the craziest dream i've had in a long, long, LONG time.

the dream started with a road trip to new england with some of my denver friends (clander, wilberg, myhraface, and jarvie). we ended up somewhere in new england (which, in the dream looked remarkably like the fictional true blood, 'bon temps' town) to sleeping in the world's most ghetto tastic motel. we went to dinner and ran into andrew freeman who was there on a date with the dude from auto tune the news.

my friends and i left new england and went to paris on vacation. i love how dreams can be entirely linear and make absolutely no we go to paris, we're out sight seeing for the day and i'm holding a giant white bag with everyone's phones except for eric's. in the white bag are various things, one of which is the tag to a mattress. now, why it's illegal to pull off a mattress tag, i couldn't tell you. but, i can tell you that somehow my subconscious hung on to that little nugget and i ended up getting arrested in france for having a mattress tag in my bag. i had gotten separated from the group but claire managed to find me and we convinced the police that it had been claire's niece, tiffany, who had actually taken the tag off and if they'd let us go get her she'd confirm that. they gave us one phone call and since we knew i had everyone's phone but eric's we called him. then eric and my friend brian came and broke us out of french jail and an epic chase scene ensued. it was at that point i woke up.

i'm always puzzled by the brain. what it holds on to, what it conjures up, etc.

sound of music opens friday. hoping my voice is back fully.

harry potter was, epic. sad it ended. i won't go into great detail in case someone who's reading this hasn't seen it yet. i will say this: it is like saying goodbye to friends. sometimes parts of it go exactly the way you'd hoped and sometimes it doesn't quite feel settled.

i'm kind of in love with this (admittedly, i'm a sucker for all things ukulele)

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