Sunday, June 26, 2011

in time the rockies may crumble...

i would like to make it abundantly clear...
palazzo pants look good on no one, NO.ONE.
but, they are truly heinous on children.

p.s. apparently choralography is a thing...i for one am utterly amazed that it hasn't made it on to glee yet. come on glee, get on it.

my netbook has died, so this is coming from dev's computer. he's super swell.

i am so very exhausted. this weekend has been well worth it though. (speak easy bars ((green russell, what what)), wine talks, yogurtland adventures, sing a mile high, breakfast with former professors, voice lesson, psychic event, bad teacher, and dancing in a whole foods)

i got to see and hang out with rollo dilworth today. i am always amazed at how humble and full of grace that man is.

i was sad to be missing pride weekend at home. chicago, i love thee.

i am barely able to keep my eyes open. i suppose i should finish watching woody allen's, 'alice' and then head to bedfordshire propperly.

but, before i leave, i give you this:

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