Monday, June 20, 2011

i've always depended on the kindness of strangers.

while, blanche dubois was bat shit crazy, the sentiment of depending on other's kindness is something we do share in common. (fun fact, tennessee williams once said had he written streetcar named desire later in life the character of blanche would have been male).

yesterday i drove across the heartland. illinois, check. iowa, check. nebraska, oh holy jesus. the sky turned a lovely shade of green and hail the size of softballs began coming down. there also was tornado warnings and sirens buzzing everywhere. i pulled over at a rest stop just east of gothenberg, nebraska. side note, why do people use rest stops to hook up. the smell alone would be enough to make me never want to schtupp there let alone the creepers who linger, and the suburban soccer moms with asymmetrical hair cuts...i start trying to call people who i knew would possibly be by a computer so they could give me information about what i was driving into. a nice woman at the rest stop who looked like she was married to a middle aged ken doll came up to me and asked me where i was going. i told her i was en route to denver and she told me that they were as well. she asked if i was traveling with anyone and when i told her, 'no' she took my number and called and texted me for the rest of my trip to make sure i made it okay and had survived the weather patches. it's little things like this that remind me of how humanity is still alive and kicking. we didn't talk about politics, or religion, or any other divisive topic. we stuck to the weather and my safety. i do believe that people care about people. (they just get misguided and money mongering). anyways, i'm back in denver. missing chicago. and probably missing you. (that's for like the two people who i think read this thing)

most in need of: coffee
song stuck in my head: ducktails theme song.
most unappreciated teenage mutant ninja turtle: donatello

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  1. I have to agree with your Donatello statement there. His mastery of machinery is really fantastic, and the others couldn't function without him.