Thursday, June 16, 2011

flacid weiner.

apparently weiner is resigning today.

throughout this process the thing that i have been most angered by is his hypocrisy.

weiner was always a congressman who was a champion of women's rights.

'it's funny how they don't respect a woman's life' an ironic statement from a man who's actions were so disrespectful. the victim in this is weiner's wife, huma abedin. pregnant with her first child and having her life crumble around her. they haven't even been married a full year. you know, he's not young, and he's already had an established career; he didn't need to get married for political aesthetic. why, would he choose to share his life with someone only to destroy it within the span of eleven months. i will never understand cheating. i will never understand taking the heart of someone and playing russian roulette with it. it's not just the action of weiner that baffles me. many a human has had their own narcissism, arrogance, and greed be their demise (john edwards, woof)...i really don't understand how, as a woman, someone plays the role of mistress. i would never want that done to me therefore i would never do it to someone else. maybe if you thought you truly loved the person i could see some sort of rationale in it, that's not to say i'd agree with the actions, just that maybe there'd be a grain of understanding. but, ruining someone's life (not weiner, but the wife's) for a twitter fuck is abhorrent...and if that makes me a judgmental bitch it makes me a judgmental bitch.

you know, at least with republicans you know exactly what you're getting. you know that they view women as subservient to men. you know that their idea of political savvy is packaged in tidy, attractive, bat shit crazy packages ala michele bachmann, sarah palin, and christine o'donnell.

sigh, who will we have to combat republicans with intellect and snarkyness.

in the words of john stewart, 'at 4:25 eastern standard time this story officially became sad'.

favorite chicago beer that's impossible to find: gumball head
morning breakfast companion: mamother effin' kelly
hardest part of the last few days: goodbyes.

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