Monday, June 13, 2011


today in talking with a friend about a guy they've been seeing i asked. well, are you going on dates or just hanging out? they replied aren't they the same thing?


okay, dudes, let me make this clear. there is a vast difference between hanging out and dating. if you have any intention on getting with someone make that clear...even if you're just feeling it out (or up...whatever the case may be) make it clear that you're on a date. what is the difference you may ask?

being on a date has intention and purpose and some sort of direction. hanging out is cryptic, confusing, and the plague of evangelical men everywhere. so nut up, and speak your intentions if you have 'em.

also, chicago is all types of gorgeous right now.

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  1. THANK YOU. A guy I dated for a little while this past winter started things off by saying, "Hey, want to hang out this week?" I hate that so much--first of all, it makes me think of the bit on Grey's Anatomy when Dr. Stark asked April if she wanted to come over and watch From Here to Eternity on TV, and all of the sadder and wiser docs were like, that means he wants to have sex with you. A date to me is neutral territory--a restaurant, the movies, even a walk outside or something--but hanging out generally says to me, in striking distance of one of our bedrooms (becomes even more awkward if you live in a studio!). Plus, as you say, a guy can always say, "Oh, we weren't dating, we were just hanging out." Grrrrrr.