Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a lunar eclipse of the heart.

is it wrong that i can barely see the screen (i took my glasses off and am too lazy to put them back on again) and am going to forge ahead with writing a blogalamadingdong?

first of all: the moon tonight totally reminded me of moonstruck (it also reminded me of, 'total eclipse of the heart' if you haven't seen the literal video for that song i'm attaching it so that your life can be complete). you know, cher's finest work. (johnny cammareri, what what)

my time in chicago is nearing an end. this always makes me painfully sad. i feel like everytime i leave there's a hole the shape of the chicago sky line in my heart. more than anything the streets of this city represent home to me. i feel settled, loved, and welcomed.

my hair kind of got into a ponytail today...a whole new world, don't you dare close your eyes. now, any dudes reading this probably doesn't care much about this news. but, ladies back me up on this. it's a monumental day in the hair growing out process when you can get it into some semblance of a ponytail. it's like the hair gods came down from above and anointed ye ol' follicles.

i have, 'count your blessings' stuck in my head...i blame david bjorlin.

i love rain, even when it's coming down in torrents. there's something so peaceful about sitting somewhere and listening to it come down. it's the weird fusion of stillness and movement.

song obsession of the day: jackson-johnny cash and june carter cash
favorite realization of the day: i am genetically wired to love pot lucks
movies of the day: 17 again, don't drink the water

video as promised:

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