Saturday, June 18, 2011

why, i wonder is my heart full of holes.

my last day in chicago was spent participating and celebrating with people i love dearly. i suppose that is all anyone can ever ask for. to love and know that they are loved.

my heart rips a little every time i leave this city. i just started mysting up in the shower and then i thought of this song.

and i fall asleep counting my blessings.

okay, enough of the sentimental and sappy. i'll be honest, my back and ass are not looking forward to the drive to denver tomorrow. if only i could install a massage chair in my little cherry baby (my car). at least i will be heavily armed with caffeine and tina fey's book on cd-'bossy pants' will see me through. if all else fails i can listen to warewolf bar mitzvah on repeat.

this was the recessional song today as well of one of my top five wilco songs...which is saying something 'cause wilco is totes my favorite band.


okay, i'm going to attempt sleep so that i can drive 18 hours tomorrow.

jazz hands on monday morning. you know you're 32 flavors of jealous.

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