Sunday, June 12, 2011


resurrection of the blog.

i miss musing in more than 140 characters. i've decided it's time to restart the blog.

book i'm currently reading: fool by christopher moore (it's great)
music i'm currently listening to: all things joni mitchell
current life motto: don't be fancy, just get dancy

every time i come home to chicago something i think a lot about is the notion of forgiveness. it comes over me like a deluge. home is a funny thing. it's where our fondest memories lie as well as our worst. for me, i used to fear running into my father so greatly i was constantly ill at ease. i couldn't walk down the street without checking over my shoulder or looking out the corner of my eye to make sure he wasn't somehow near by. now, i return home and feel so loved by my friends that i've stopped worrying so much about the prospect of seeing the man who single handedly attempted my destruction. it's amazing what love can conquer.

i attacked midsommar like it was my job yesterday. gay men and swedish people galore. all i can say is i was called gay cat nip and danced a lot. this has all of the trappings of a delightful day. speaking of d-light...i still maintain that, 'groove is in the heart' is probably the best dance song ever. i mean, it does have q-tip after all.

so excited for carissa and aj's wedding. so sad to see my time in chicago nearing it's end.

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