Monday, June 13, 2011

tony's recap

i LOVE the tony's. it fuses three of my favorite things: gay men, theatre, and award shows. so let's talk about the good, the bad, and the weird.

dear frances mcdormand, i love you like whoa...but this is the tony's not a bruce springsteen video or a mug shot. kthxbye.

dear tony's. please have them host together next year:

hugh jackman, i love thee.

biggest, 'upset'...
i don't know if i would consider this an upset but i really thought the book of mormon was going to have a clean sweep. so norbert leo butz (who is a musical theatre demi god) winning was surprising. sorry andrew rannells (elder price in the book of mormon), you're still supermegalatorta awesome.

so, is war horse like the lion king of straight plays? (ah pennsylvania, geek in a bowl)

ellen barken sounds like a sexy man, and i like it. (p.s. all i ever want to hear her say is, 'you're not the one who got turned into human jiffy pop)

Ellen Barkin Acceptance Speech Tony Awards 2011 by KD5EY

i love stephen colbert, his wonky ear, and the fact that he's a song and dance man. i want to see this movie version of company but it's ridiculously expensive. i'm not willing to harvest eggs to go to the movies.


i still maintain my love of sutton foster but that her as reno sweeney is kind of, meh vocally. but, who doesn't love a good tap number, ey?

the spider man musical looks so very awful. although, it did bring up the question of whether or not spider man would ejaculate spider for thought.

best line of the night goes to chris rock:

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